Other Doctors Say " No", We say " Yes"
Other Doctors Say " No", We say " Yes"

All cases are real patients of our clinic.

1. Male, African American, suffered from facial paralysis 2 weeks, took 5 days steriods, no improvement. Come to us with drooping, can not frown, can not fully close his affected eyelids, can not speak clearly. After 3 time treatments and our nutrition advice, fully recovered after one month.

2. Famale, Caucasian, state overweight. Came twice a week trial for our weight loss program with nutrition consultation. Changed her eating habits and lost around 18 pounds after one month. She is now happily coaching with her life.

3. Female, asian, 14, acne on the face and back for 2 years. Using western treatement, no obvious results. Using our herbal treatment, after 1 month, facial acne disappeared.

4. Female, asian, 33, irregular menstration for 4 years. Using birth control pills to control the menstration is ok. Now want to off the meds and get pregant. Using our herbs and acupuncture treatment, after 2 months, menstration get normal.


5. Female, asian, 63, Ischemic Stroke same day came flat with slurred speech and deviated tongue to our office. We gave her acupuncture and herbal treatment. Walk out by herself.


6. Male, asian, 45, Acute Hepatitis,severe jaundice, no appetite and fatigue. After our 2 rounds herbal treatment, was able to eat, felt much better and jaundice mostly gone.


7. Female, asian, 31, Polycystic Ovarian Syn. (PCOS ), menstration only comes every 4 months. The family's only hope is VIF before. At my office, after 3 months Herbal Formula Treatment, now pregnant.


8. Female, African American, 22, Acne on the face, back plus constipation. She took herbal formula 2 weeks and her internal heat gone and had a smooth bowel movement.


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